Tip to writing a letter to Ukrainian lady

Many people get acquainted though Internet, and sometimes even find their soulmates – social networks, dating sites only. How can you meet women from Ukraine girl you like and make her interested through the correspondence? This question worries many men. The main difficulty is that the lady may be distrustful of you, trying to figure if you are a pervert or maniac or someone else who pretends to be someone, using fake photos.

Tip №1. Try to treat the girl you like, as a good friend

It is not necessary to overwhelm Ukrainian women online with compliments about appearance immediately. Your communication should have no hint of sexual harassment. Ask about her activities, her inner world, views on life. Find something in common – it will make you closer. Do not be afraid that the lady would see a friend in you, on the contrary, she will realize that you can be trusted and might agree to meet soon.

Tip №2. Always be on the positive and in a good mood

People always like successful and optimistic ones. Do not write that all you’ve got is bad, nobody loves you, that you are bored and have nothing to do. The girl will decide that you are a loser, and she doesn`t need this.

Tip №3. Do not be pushy.

Do not bother the lady you like, a hundred times a day, asking what she is doing and find out why she doesn`t respond to your messages. It looks ridiculous and annoying. Write her something funny, tell a funny story.

Tip №4. Don`t delay meeting for too long

If you like girl and feel she like you too, don`t be afraid to appoint a date, or someone more courageous will do it.

Tip №5. Don`t brag

Never brag. It is better not to do this even in everyday life, and during the correspondence it is prohibited! For example, if a girl asks, “How are you?” Is not necessary to write “I’m cool, bought a new “BMW “, did 50 push-ups, got a promotion at work”. Nobody likes boasters. It would probably push away the girl from you. Although, the new «BMW» will look tempting for her.

We want to remind you that the online dating with Ukrainian women – it is just another way to get close to a girl and finally go with her on a date. Evening walk with a girl is a million times better than correspondence.

The most important thing – write correctly! If after every other word you make mistakes – your correspondence will not last for a long time.