How to keep relationships on distance?

Lovers get 80% of the information  nonverbally. Simply put, words are not so important for relationship with Ukrainian lady. It`s an unpleasant fact for those couples who have to go through separation, being in relationships on distance. However, it`s possible to deal with this problem.

Rare meeting

Talk using Skype will surely help with your communication . Also, jealousy is provoked by the unknown – what is she doing, where is she now? Each meeting with Ukrainian girl should be treated like the first one.

The main thing in relationships with single Ukraine women on distance is that you need to keep communicating. It isn`t just about love, but about something called True Love – when each of you is sure that  partner is  really “the one”. If it is so, nothing scares you.

In other cases, if there is no confidence, ask yourself unpleasant question: should you spend time and energy on person breaking up with whom can eventually bring you real pain. For those who know exactly that his affair is a part of the story of great love, tether would be useful too. How to go through the separation with less loss and save relationships on distance?

Be always in touch

People who are physically far from each other, lose much because of the inability to share the most simple joy / news. Do it – share. “Today, I fell asleep at the subway and rode two extra stations” or “It was hellishly cold at work today” – such SMS, which may seem unnecessary, create a feeling of complete presence, and blur the boundaries of distance. The next step for fighting miles between you is to do something together. This is not about Burime or computer games (but why not, if you enjoy it) – it is possible, after all, to have dinner together with the help of  Skype. Cook, discussing the process in details, put plates in front of  laptop and wish each other bon appetit.

Fill in the evenings and other free time maximally, do what you were going to do, but never managed to before. Do not stand still, develop, learn something new;  it is useful not only for you personally, but for you as a couple. Firstly, there will be something to tell to you lover, and secondly, the person who is moving forward and changing, is always more interesting to spend time with.