Romantic date

We add a drop by drop of romance in our lives, like adding exotic spices, because adding too much, we’ll get not spicy taste of love relationships, but the bitter taste of vulgarity and excessiveness.

Romantic date with Ukrainian women is the best meeting, not banal flowers, candies and a movie, but something extraordinary, sometimes unexpected, intriguing, colorful and always memorable. Dating is not only for those couples who are just starting relationships and experiencing the first stages of falling in love, this feeling is romantic by itself. Couples whose relationships last for not one year, use dating to refresh the feelings, to please each other.

Unusual and mysterious dating with Ukrainian girls excites and makes heart beat faster, bring the feeling of happiness and joy, emphasizing the importance of feelings. It is worth all of it to get creative a little bit and arrange a date for your beloved one. It would be better to make it a surprise – original, unexpected, elegant and memorable.

Where can I arrange a romantic date?

  • On the roof of the house. Make sure that your lover doesn’t suffer from fear of heights, and won’t faint when you ask her to go up onto the roof. Dating place can be prepared before, you could light candles (if it is already dark), to prepare fruits and chocolate.
  • Walk along the promenade. Banal walk can turn into unforgettable date, if you are prepared properly. Choose the place where you’ll stay before the date, be sure that this would be a place with a beautiful view of the river. Prepare a bottle of champagne, light snacks (fruit, chocolate), you can even invite musicians (violinist or guitarist, trio or quartet), to play favorite music of your lover.
  • Walk in the limo. What could be more romantic than a luxurious limousine, champagne and a starry sky in the open hatch on the roof of the car? Pick your lover right at the entrance or at the exit from work and go sightseeing the city at night, drinking champagne and kissing sweetly.

Main feature

There are no limits for romantic people: you can climb on the balcony of the beloved one, sing a serenade under the window, make a sea voyage on a boat or a yacht, ride a white horse, and wear  princess crown on her head. Banal dinner in the restaurant can become a romantic date, if the restaurant will be only for you two, quiet music would play, and everything would be fanned by rose petals, and served with favorite dishes.

Dating with Ukrainian singles will be truly romantic, when the mood of both of you is so. If a woman or man criticizes every move and expresses their dissatisfaction with every moment, it will ruin all romance.

Be creative, don’t be afraid of experiments, cause your dates may be the best thing you’ll remember after all.